How to be hidden from SnapMap and Spy your Friends?

Snapchat has recently launched location showing feature where your friends can easily view in which location you are spending time and where were you last seen.

Just when you pin out the camera with two fingers, you see SnapMap.

SnapMap ghost-features

That’s where you can view all your friend’s location.

This is fun to some extent, however, the feature also discloses your last and present move. Which could be dangerous for you from your envious friend.

Government authorities have advised users to carefully use this feature and not disclose your next move, for the user’s safety.

How to Hide yourself from Snapmap and spy your friends?

The great feature of SnapMap is that it has Ghost Mode.

Ghost Mode SnapMap

The Ghost Mode lets you hide yourself and view your friends and anyone’s snap in any part of this world.

Check Mark the Ghost Mode feature. There you go. The spy mode feature is activated and now you can view your friends who have disabled themselves in a Ghost Mode.

SnapMap world Location

Just as an Advice from
We suggest you to enable you in ghost mode when on weekdays when you are in professional mode.

And disable ghost mode during weekends.

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