Stalking on Facebook is now Dangerous, with this new feature ‘Hello’

Facebook has silently rolled out a new feature ‘Hello’ which makes stalking kinda Dangerous. ‘Hello’ feature is similar to ‘Poke’ with the new name.

hello facebook feature Hello

Basically, the facebook new feature is not dangerous. However, the place where it is affixed to the user’s profile page is risky.

May be you may not have seen this lastest facebook feature yet, it is being recently being introduced and is in the testing phase.

You can see the feature when you visit your friends profile with the ‘Waving hand icon’ titled as Hello, below the cover page.

When a user clicks the Hello tab, the other user will receive a notification. That’s isn’t any serious thing yet.

But the big issue is here. The feature also appears on the profile page with whom you aren’t friend with.

It is being misunderstood and users are tapping accidentally. They are complaining that the feature could prove rather embarrassing if you are stalking a crush.

But there’s a way to avoid, if you have accidentally clicked on Hello button, you can undo your mistake by tapping it again, and selecting confirm that pop’s up.

Ultimately you can wait to see what the person reaction is.

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