How to Auto Tune using Adobe Audition like T-Pain?

Ever felt Fascinated about T-Pain’s voice? Wanted to try similar with your vocals too?
Here we will show you the best technique you can do to Auto Tune your voice using Adobe Audition just like T-Pain with out using any plugin.
Yes, you read it right Auto Tune with out using any plugin

how to autotune your voice like t-pain


How to Auto tune Audio with Adobe Audition like T-Pain?
Firstly, to Auto Tune your voice you need to have Adobe Audition Software. So Let’s jump right in

Step 1: Assuming that you have Adobe Audition Software. The first step starts with Importing the Audio file to your Adobe Audition Software. (Refer image 2)

Step 2: Once you have imported the Audio File into the Adobe Audition Software. It’s time to Add Auto Tune effect to your Audio.
Hover over to the Effects Button on to your Left top and Select Time and Pitch. Then select Automatic Pitch Correction (Refer image 3)

Step 3:
When you select Automatic Pitch Correction, a window will pop up. (Refer image 4)
You have to tweak the settings to adapt vocal changes.

In the present – Select Extreme Correction
Change the Scale to – Major
Key – Select as per your Audio Preference

Screen shot to Auto Tune your Audio

(Image Reference -2)

Auto tune adobe audition import file


(Image Reference -3)

Auto tune Adobe audition automatic pitch correction


(Image Reference 4)

Auto Tune Adobe Audition Extreme Correction Preset


(Image 5)

Auto Tune Adobe Audition Major


(Image 6)

Auto Tune Adobe Audition preset c


There you go!
Now play the Audio with Auto Tune just like T-Pain.
This is how you can Auto Tune your Audio just like T-Pain


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