Google now allows you to Preview Video for 6-seconds on Mobile

The latest Google Update is going to transform the way you search the google videos, as the latest update allows users to preview the videos for 6 seconds before selection.

The preview includes Youtube Videos and in addition to that, the other videos from different platforms will also have a preview feature for the users to have the best search experience.

google 6 second preview on Mobile

Currently, this feature is available on Android, in Chrome and Google Apps. It only includes English Videos for a time being, however different language support will be available soon.

Google said the latest feature is in expansion mode and has the plan to extend to iOS devices.

This will certainly be going to reduce the time and enhance the better search experience. The 6-second video preview won’t show you the initial 6 second part of the video but instead, show you the important part of the whole video so as to not waste your essential time.

Google’s machine learning algorithms does an excellent job to show the right content. However, the Company has not revealed much about the algorithm.

Most importantly, this feature works only on Wi-FI, as it takes a lot of data. However, if you really want this feature on your cellular data, you can enable video.

So why wait, enjoy surfing!


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