Run Android on iPhone with this smart case

Ever wanted to try running Android OS on iPhone? Now with this smart device you can run Android on iPhone.
World’s first smart case called ‘Mesuit’.

The innovation in technology can simplify your life with time to time. Everything which seems impossible, just with an upgrade seems very much possible.

run android on iphone

Running Android OS on iPhone is now possible with the smart case.
The ‘Mesuit’ Android smart case for Apple iPhone from

This smart case easily allows the user to operate Android OS on IOS devices.
Also, the smart case has sim slot which extends iOS device as a dual sim.

The company claims it is a pioneer in enabling two OS on a single device. Mesuit full featured mobile device has its own modem.

Mesuit is also an app, which shows battery usage, memory and storage capacity of the phone including the case.

android os and iphone on a single device

To make it work, you have to Switch On the Bluetooth that’s it, the device is ready to use.

You can also connect to the iPhone with the lightning port.
The user can use Android OS with an Apus Launcher called Mesuit OS 1.0.

Technical Information:
The Mesuit OS features with MediaTEK octa-core processor with 2GB RAM and memory storage of 16GB on which the user can easily transfer media from the phone into the case.

The user can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a single screen.

The Mesuit case which runs Android OS on iPhone is made in India and the price of Mesuit case in India is 9,990 Rupees.

You can buy the case visiting their website:

Watch the product Video here:


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