Travel from Ajman to Dubai with Low Price, free WiFi and Entertainment

Journey to Dubai from Ajman will be packed with more fun and entertainment.

Frequent travelers can now make their journey more interesting as the new bus service has been launched which routes from Ajman’s Mussalah area to Al Rashidiya Meto Station.

Dubai to Ajman Bus

Ajman Public Transportation Corporation executive director Omar Mohammed Lootah told Sources that “Buses with latest technologies has been introduced, which features with Free WiFi, Movies, latest news updates and more. Every seat will feature a Smart Screen”

The ticket would cost DH 15 from Ajman to Dubai, However, from Dubai to Ajman it would cost just DH 12.

The Modern bus costs DH3.5 Million and would carry 50 Passengers.

He also said the bus would travel for every 30 Minutes.

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