Google Adds Video Review to Maps, and I am loving this feature.

Google Maps have Real Time Map, Pictures, Satellite images, however, it still feels very far away. To make it more realistic Google Map has introduced Video review to their Mapping service which looks quite realistic and a closer view of the real world.

google map video review


The user can upload 10-second videos from their Google App or 30-second long clip right from the Camera Roll. Google did not reveal this feature so far but have silently launched it. Now they are notifying it through email and will soon make it public.

Users so far could upload only images, but with Video features, the users can visualise in the inside atmosphere of restaurants, stores. Local business will also be able to use this feature to show their own products. It’s quite easy to operate.

For now, only the Android users can use this service. It will soon be updated to iOS. However, the video is still visible on all platforms.

This amazing feature will add more value to the business and brands. The store and restaurant owners might hire a videographer soon to highlight the better side of the business.

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