Google Adds Video Review to Maps, and I am loving this feature.

Google Maps have Real Time Map, Pictures, Satellite images, however, it still feels very far away. To make it more realistic Google Map has introduced Video review to their Mapping service which looks quite realistic and a closer view of the real world.   The user can upload 10-second videos from their Google App or […]

Ajman to Dubai bus

Travel from Ajman to Dubai with Low Price, free WiFi and Entertainment

Journey to Dubai from Ajman will be packed with more fun and entertainment. Frequent travelers can now make their journey more interesting as the new bus service has been launched which routes from Ajman’s Mussalah area to Al Rashidiya Meto Station. Ajman Public Transportation Corporation executive director Omar Mohammed Lootah told Sources that “Buses with […]

Auto Tune Adobe Audition Extreme Correction Preset - Techbrow

How to Auto Tune using Adobe Audition like T-Pain?

Ever felt Fascinated about T-Pain’s voice? Wanted to try similar with your vocals too? Here we will show you the best technique you can do to Auto Tune your voice using Adobe Audition just like T-Pain with out using any plugin. Yes, you read it right Auto Tune with out using any plugin   How […]

Google now allows you to Preview Video for 6-seconds on Mobile

The latest Google Update is going to transform the way you search the google videos, as the latest update allows users to preview the videos for 6 seconds before selection. The preview includes Youtube Videos and in addition to that, the other videos from different platforms will also have a preview feature for the users […]


Run Android on iPhone with this smart case

Ever wanted to try running Android OS on iPhone? Now with this smart device you can run Android on iPhone. World’s first smart case called ‘Mesuit’. The innovation in technology can simplify your life with time to time. Everything which seems impossible, just with an upgrade seems very much possible. Running Android OS on iPhone […]

create brochure design on Photoshop

How to creative an Attractive brochure on Photoshop?

Design a Stunning Brochure is a Skill. You have to grab your customer’s attention and make a brand impact. Simple design goes into Trash.¬†Nobody cares a Damn. But if the Design is Attractive, the content and impression holds for Long. With Creativity with Mind, you also needs Tools to Play with. Some great tools to […]

Stalking on Facebook is now Dangerous, with this new feature ‘Hello’

Facebook has silently rolled out a new feature ‘Hello’ which makes stalking kinda Dangerous.¬†‘Hello’ feature is similar to ‘Poke’ with the new name. Basically, the facebook new feature is not dangerous. However, the place where it is affixed to the user’s profile page is risky. May be you may not have seen this lastest facebook […]

youtube most watched video online

“See You Again” becomes Most watched video. Check out All Top 10 videos on Youtube

“See You Again” video of Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth became most watched video on Youtube. The video on this day has over 2,897,195,973 views racing Psy’s Gangnam style which is now on second position on most watched video. The songtrack is from the Movie Furious 7 – the 7th movie of Fasat and Furious. […]