Run Android on iPhone with this smart case

Ever wanted to try running Android OS on iPhone? Now with this smart device you can run Android on iPhone. World’s first smart case called ‘Mesuit’. The innovation in technology can simplify your life with time to time. Everything which seems impossible, just with an upgrade seems very much possible. Running Android OS on iPhone […]

Stalking on Facebook is now Dangerous, with this new feature ‘Hello’

Facebook has silently rolled out a new feature ‘Hello’ which makes stalking kinda Dangerous. ‘Hello’ feature is similar to ‘Poke’ with the new name. Basically, the facebook new feature is not dangerous. However, the place where it is affixed to the user’s profile page is risky. May be you may not have seen this lastest facebook […]

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“See You Again” becomes Most watched video. Check out All Top 10 videos on Youtube

“See You Again” video of Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth became most watched video on Youtube. The video on this day has over 2,897,195,973 views racing Psy’s Gangnam style which is now on second position on most watched video. The songtrack is from the Movie Furious 7 – the 7th movie of Fasat and Furious. […]

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Guess what? Amazon Echo price slashed 50% for Prime day.

The Amazon Prime Day in Dubai starts on July 11. And Can you believe? Amazon is giving Amazon Echo, an Artificial intelligence device which answers your lazy queries. Now buy it with 50% OFF.   In Dubai, you can buy Amazon Echo device by visiting the website The price for Amazon Echo will be […]


This Virus on your Android phone exposes data from 40 Apps

Careful when using Android Devices, this Malware on your Android phone steals data from 40 great Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Firefox browser, WeChat and more. The Researchers Palo Alto Network’s recently found out the high threat virus ‘SpyDealer’ which steals all your personal data from your Apps. The Researchers revealed the name […]